Epicstep Shoes Mens Collection for the Ongoing Party Season

Feb 21 , 2019

With the party season going on and tons of weddings and party invitations coming your way, you surely don’t want to be underdressed. Christmas, New Year’s party and almost hundereds of year end birthdays to attend, we’ve got you covered. An almost ecelectic collection of exclusive mens formal wear awaits you at Metro Shoes.

For a hasslefree and convenient shopping experience for you, we have curated the most desirable shoe range, so that you can totally rock your way through this amazing party season.

Let this be the year end you’ve been looking forward to for years. And let us be the ones to shape your year end the way you want to. You know how? By helping you fix your wardrobe styles for the upcoming parties!

Here are some of our best party shoes and their styles encapsulated for you in this blog so you can be prepared to attend all sorts of parties this year end.

Bachelor Party

Make a statement with these royal blue formal wear shoes that are perfect to kick off the wedding shoes. Get ready to stand out from the crowd in these Metro blue formals. Style it with a pair of black or dark blue pants and a white shirt with a black or blue tux and you’re ready to be the center of attention at the party.

Card games

Prep for the upcoming card game weekends with your bros. Dress smartly yet keep it simple. The meat, the fries, the beer and the games. Wear these formal blue mocassins with white khadi pants and a loose fit shirt. You’re all set.

Sports match

Pair these tan brown moccasins with a pair of beige pants and a coloured shirt. These will definitely enhance your personality. Aren’t you excited to go for that match with your friends, dressed up to the nines?! These are a must have in your shoe collection.

Wedding bash

These formal black Oxfords are all you need to be the show stopper at the wedding bash. Classy, simple yet stylish; these are meant for those grand weddings outdoors. Pair them with a sleek black suit and get ready to be mobbed by aunties asking your hand in marriage for their nieces and daughters!

Tinder date

Anticipating that special Tinder date with the one you matched with yesterday? This time of the year is perfect for those happy, no strings attached times. Pair these tan brown derby shoes with a dark brown pair of pants and a red formal shirt to sweep her off her feet!

Birthday parties

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