What will your heel say about you this New Year’s Eve?

Heels are a silent poetry. They say a lot about a lady’s character and personality. Heels kind of define you really. It’s mark of a mature woman to take the inevitable pain that comes with wearing them every day to work. They add grace to our outfit and our walk. Heels have the power to totally transform your look.

But you know there are five personality types that we, at Metro shoes have categorized into the five heel types and they match each other perfectly.

Here are five heels for the five personality types you will run into this New Year’s Eve.

The bold and the beautiful:

These gladiators succinctly describe the ferocious rebel beauty. She’s the epitome of being bold and beautiful. She takes on the world and commands the room with her daring personality just like the way these gladiators do.

People look at her and they are instantly motivated to be challenging like her!

 The shy but flirtatious:

The shy ones are like platform heels. They speak their story through their stability just like these types of heels. The shy ones make a statement through their quiet flirtatiousness. It’s harmless flirting like them just having some fun in their own way.

Platform heels define the shy and flirty ones because just like the heels they are heighted yet a little naughty.

The classy clique:

These classic pumps are worn by all the English ladies around the globe. Our classy clique is somewhat like them. Very subtle yet they make a statement. They flaunt their well-being and authority through the smooth heeled pumps.

Flaunt some class through these vintage pumps and get ready to witness tongues drooling over you.

The bubbly:

The bubbly, full of life and enthusiastic ones are like sneakers. The sneakers just like the bubbly ones exude a charismatic aura about them of being carefree and these flats let you do just that. #Hasslefree

These glitter flats are comfort personified. Also they support these fun masters being convenient and their free spirit.

The artsy and quirky:

The usually anonymous doing great work with a sturdy perfection is the artsy and quirky ones. They are simple in appearance but get to know them and you’re in for a roller coaster ride.

The craftiness that goes into designing these elegant boots is similar to observing the flawless inner beauty of the artsy and the quirky. Just like this type of heel, feel free to run your imagination wild when you spot this personality type.


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