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Epicstep lets you shop like a local—directly from the world’s best stores. From your first search, to your front door, Epicsetp is with you every step of the way. Delivering the world’s best stores and exclusive savings DIRECTLY to you. That you shouldn’t have to scour the internet to find a deal for your favorite stores

At Epicstep, we believe that shopping from other countries should be fun and exciting—not a complicated hassle. It should be easy to discover all the international stores that ship to you, from everyday essentials to ultimate luxury. We know that buying directly from the source guarantees the newest and most authentic products.

Our Commitment


Epicstep is proud to be the global partner to the world’s leading retailers. Trusted by millions of shoppers around the world

Year 2005 - 2008

Epicstep is at the forefront of global ecommerce, empowering U.S. retailers with the technology and services to sell products to international customers, starting with 30 countries and territories worldwide.

Year 2008 - 2011

Over the next several years, epicstep expands shipping to 103 countries and territories, supporting 42 international currencies, and powering the international ecommerce of major U.S. retailers and brands, including Macy’s, Gap, Barneys NY, Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma.

Year 2011 - 2014

Epicstep continues its growth, supporting the online international expansion of the largest U.S. retailers and brands, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Strongroom, Lands’ End, Newman Marcus, Under Armour, and the Container Store.

Year 2014 - 2016

Epic expands to enable international sales for north korea retailers, including Tony Bianco, R.M. Williams, City Beach, and Adore Beauty among others.from Pitney Bowes powers the international experience for more than 300 online stores. enables global shopping to over more countries and territories around the world.

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